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Petit-o! • An independent design brand

Petit-o! is a tiny, one-person-only design business and design consultancy brand, polishing away at design solutions for businesses and consumers.

My name is Kristine and I’m the designer, committing to sharing Good Design and Critical Thinking to meet business objectives, and achieve effective messaging for brands and target audiences. Founded in 2014, Petit-o! is committed to keeping up with ethical business practices as well as a Concepts-First design philosophy.


Kristine Li • designer


Trusted by a myriad of clients, ranging from the corporate clients to designing for the consumer market. I have cross-platform capability and experiences, including email design for an Integrated Resort in Singapore (portfolio will not be displayed publicly due to NDA restrictions), branding / rebranding, packaging, WordPress web design customization, and more.

Design Versatility

Trained in advertising, visual communications and previously IT, the diversity of what I learned across different fields provide leverage for me to craft creative design solutions. My key assets are multi-disciplinary design knowledge, versatility of skills, the sense of responsibility and ownership towards projects undertaken. Purely design itself, I have work experiences of 9 years and counting.

Best Practices' Approach

I believe in the importance of designing for sustainability and long-term usage. For these to occur, thought processes need to be thorough and well-rounded. Using the right techniques and applying the correct mentality are my approaches towards Design. These values contribute towards achieving Ethical, Best Practices for projects and clients alike.

What clients, partners & peers say

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Send Kristine a message, or write to [email protected]
  2. Kristine will get back to you soon, likely with a set of questions to obtain more details about the project.
  3. If all goes well, you will receive a quotation to confirm the scope of work, deliverables, terms, and price.
  4. If you’re agreeable with the terms, we will sign the formal contract. After deposit is received, the project will officially commence.

Every project ranges differently in terms of scope and requirements, so Petit-o! does not have fixed prices. Rates are charged fairly in line with your requirements.

As an example, it will not be fair if I were to charge you the same “fixed prices” as what I will bill a client that wants distinct features for their website to be launched within three days, or a company that wants full branding and materials to be done instead of a logo. Makes sense?

I do have project starting prices though, stated in Services page.

Yes, Kristine is just one person indeed.

This means, I’m the main point of contact for communications, I’m the sole creator of the design work for your project. It also means communication will be straightforward and efficient. The possibility of messages getting lost in translation is greatly reduced.

If I don’t have the confidence to fulfill your project, rest assured that I will not be accepting the project in the first place =)

In terms of design standards and profile, feel free to see the Portfolio. My professional profile is also available on LinkedIn. Or simply scroll up this page to read some testimonials.

Kristine operates under a registered business in Singapore.

To save time for both of us, I kindly request you to drop me a message first, stating as clearly as you can what you’re looking for. I will try to get back to you shortly.

If you really wish to meet me, I’m afraid I’ll have to bill you for my time.

The icon combines the tip of a pencil with a diamond element. At Petit-o!, I believe that the pencil signifies the beginning step to creating a great idea. Petit-o! seeks to uncover and polish the gem of each brand.

Let me tell you what projects I don’t take. I don’t do illustrations, video animations and I try not to take editorial / publication work unless they’re part of a bigger campaign.

Petit-o! will not submit pitch proposals for no fee. In order to deliver quality work, I’m committed to keeping close, collaborative efforts with clients. Pitching / Crowdsourcing are not a fair practice both to the client and the service provider.

If however, you would like to see Petit-o!’s commissioned work, do visit the Portfolio or view my full design portfolio on Behance.

No. Why would you want to be someone else’s shadow? I’m confident of delivering a better job that suits your needs.

What you need is a layout artist. Some printer shops can provide this service to you.

Yes. Kristine is available for design projects as an independent designer. However, I’m not available for in-house freelancing.

You can be based in any country as long as you can make international payments (eg. through Paypal).

Let's Work Together!

Send me an enquiry, verify my design experiences, projects etc! If you’re sending an enquiry for work together, please be as detailed as you can.