Ad: Anti-fur PSA

A public service announcement scam ad done during my school term, to raise awareness as well as campaign against the terrible treatment that dogs go through in dog farms for their fur to be obtained, due to the demand of fur fashion trade.

For Your Vanity, Many Bleed

Inside fur farms, animals are bludgeoned, smashed onto the floor, electrocuted via their genitals, and before they breathed their last, they are hung upside down from hooks and skinned, before being left to bleed to death. Inhumane killing indeed, only because their murderers know you love fur caps.

PETA Anti-fur scam ad • Petit-o! by Kristine Li
PETA Anti-fur scam ad • Petit-o! by Kristine Li

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  • Client:PETA
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    • Art Direction
    • Copywriting
    • Creative Direction
    • Graphic Design
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